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DMC Creative World is a leading manufacturer of benchmark quality threads, crafts and needle craft product with his history dating back over 260 years.

KnitUK has a selection of the best and most fashionable of DMC for you: Natura Just Cotton crochet yarn, Hoooked Zpagetti "huge-size balls of yarn, Kits and crochet hooks. For children and teenagers we have the exclusive line from Prism including My Friendship Bracelet Maker, mini-pack threads with design for friendship bracelets And storage box with bobbins and more threads.

DMC has started as a fabric print only by Dolffus brothers. Today is an international organization manufacturing consumer threads, industrial thread and textile related products. Dolffus family's early motto remains alive today: "from one fine thread a work art is born" (Tenui Filo Magnum Texitur Opus).