Bamboo & Wooden Knitting Needles - Shop Online at

KnitUK offers a complete Set of the best Length Bamboo Knitting Needles (10" / 25cm) for Baby clothes and Knitting Acessories in 20 sizes starting at 2.0 mm up to 15 mm at the cheapest price when you order the Set. The size 15 mm is wooden.

In here, you also can find Brittany knitting needles that are made in California from sustainbly harvested birch, 14" single point with 5 year guarantee.

10" Bamboo Single Point Knitting Pins in both 12mm and 15 mm sizes can be purchased separately if you do not wish to purchase the complete Bamboo Set. 

You can also find Brittany wooden crochet hooks in KnitUK Website.